JLCW Volume 3, Spring 2014, Issue 1

    • Mitigating Moral Hazard in Cyber-Risk Insurance
      By Liam M.D. Bailey
    • The Deregulation and Swarming of Cyberwarfare: The Need for and Limitations of Law in Enabling Aggressive ‘Hacking-back’ and Pre-Emption
      By Dr. Mils Hills
    • Legal Considerations on Cyber-Weapons and Their Definition
      By Stefano Mele
    • Internet Communication Blackout: Attack Under Non-International Armed Conflict?
      By Cassondra Mix
    • Bitcoin Laundromats for Dirty Money: The Bank Secrecy Act’s (BSA) Inadequacies in Regulating and Enforcing Money Laundering Laws over Virtual Currencies and the Internet
      By Sheng Zhou

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