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Current Issue JLCW Volume 7, Fall 2019, Issue 2

  • JLCW Volume 7, Fall 2019, Issue 2
      • Democrats and Republicans Seek Federal Jurisdiction Over Cybercrimes by Foreign Actors in DNC v. Russian Federation and Broidy Capital Mgmt. v. State of Qatar
        By Shelly A. Sanford & Meredith Drukker Stratigopoulos
      • From Munitions to Malware: A Comparative Analysis of Civilian Targetability in Cyber Conflict
        By Colton Matheson
      • Cybernetic Enhancement of Soldiers: Conserving hors de combat Protections for Combatants Under the Third Geneva Convention
        By Amanda McAllister
      • New Payment Methods and Insufficiencies in their Regulatory Scheme
        By Angel L. Rodriguez Santiago
      • Cyber Insurance: An Incentive Alignment Solution to Corporate Cyber-Insecurity
        By Lauren Miller


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