The U.S. Army is now organizing the first unit in a new cyber warfare force that will be deployed in future combat zones and manned by “cyber soldiers,” electronic warfare experts and (for the first time) good, old fashioned hackers.

The army began putting together the pieces of this as yet unnamed “tactical cyber/electronic warfare detachment” this December. It plans to have this unit hold its first experimental exercise overseas in 2017

The detachment is led by Brig. Gen. Patricia Frost, Director of Cyber, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Army G-3/5/7. In this position, she heads the new Cyber Directorate (which also covers electronic warfare) of the army’s headquarters staff in the Pentagon.

Gen. Frost has made her career in military intelligence and cyber warfare and is an acknowledged expert in her field. She’s a graduate of the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Officer Basic and Advanced Courses; Combined Arms Services and Staff School; the Command and General Staff College and the U.S. Army War College.

Source: US Army Organizing First Cyber Warfare Combat Team to Fight Future Wars