Infosec 2016 Cyber-conflict between nations has entered a new phase with a switch from espionage to sabotage and theft, according to infosec guru Mikko Hyppönen.

The BlackEnergy-related attacks on the electricity grid last December and the more recent attack on at least four international banks have upped the ante in the sphere of cyber-conflict, according to F‑Secure’s chief research officer.

Russia and North Korea, respectively, are the chief suspects in the two campaigns. Hyppönen said the attacks mark an escalation in a “cyber arms race” which he compares to the Cold War nuclear arms race.

“We’ve switched from cyber-espionage to offensive cyber action,” Hyppönen told El Reg. “The cyber arms race is just beginning and it’s going to get much worse.”

“Ukraine was a game changer: the first offensive cyber action. The SWIFT attacks were about stealing money rather than secrets,” he added.

Source: The Fog Of Cyberwar: Now Theft And Sabotage Instead Of Just Spying