China moved closer on Monday to adopting a controversial cybersecurity law, after parliament held a second reading of the draft rules, which carry significant consequences for domestic and foreign business and threaten greater censorship.

China enforces widespread controls over the internet that it has sought to codify in law, and Chinese laws often go through multiple readings and drafts before they are adopted.

The draft, presented before the standing committee of the National People’s Congress, requires network operators to comply with social morals and accept the supervision of the government and public, official news agency Xinhua said.

Source: China moves closer to passing controversial cybersecurity law


Amid indications that North Korea may have moved big time into the bank robbery business, President Barack Obama has ordered that North Korean banks be cut off from the international banking system, using authority earlier granted by Congress.

The move may be just the first in an escalating set of sanctions aimed at North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, and it may meet with some form of retaliation.

But after seven years of tolerating North Korea’s growing nuclear and missile arsenal undertaken in defiance of international law and pressure, it is good to see the administration taking a tough line with the rogue state, which to raise money for its ambitious armaments program has also engaged in counterfeiting, drug trafficking and the sale of missile technology to Pakistan and other states.

Source: Obama strikes back at North Korea – Post and Courier


North Korea’s patterns of cyberattack could be evolving, Seoul’s police agency said Wednesday.

North Korean hackers have mainly used viruses to gain access to South Korean computers, turning individual PCs into “zombies” that could then be used to conduct distributed denial-of-service, or DDoS attacks.

But investigations in Seoul revealed North Korean hackers could increasingly be engaging in “psychological warfare” through the seizure of information on individual computers, South Korean newspaper Herald Business reported.

Source: North Korea engaging in psychological cyber warfare against South