The White House cybersecurity team is undergoing a major shuffle that former officials say could jeopardize the administration’s efforts to develop cyber policy and punish hackers for disruptive attacks.

President Trump’s cybersecurity coordinator, Rob Joyce, revealed this week that he would vacate his post and return to the National Security Agency (NSA), ending a 14-month stint at the White House.

News of his planned departure came less than a week after the resignation of homeland security adviser Tom Bossert. The two men had become the face of the White House’s cybersecurity efforts, providing a line of communication between lawmakers and private industry to the West Wing.

The shakeup has created a new challenge for the Trump administration at a time when cyber threats abound.

“Certainly, there’s no question that between Bossert’s departure and Rob’s departure that it’s going to slow down policy development work and cause disruption,” said Michael Daniel, who served as cybersecurity coordinator under the Obama administration.

Source: Staff changes upend White House cyber team