The National Cybersecurity Response Center (CERT-RO) said on Friday, in its Cyber ​​Threat Evolution Report 2017, that 138.2 million cyber security alerts were collected and processed in Romania last year, up 25 percent from 2016, affecting one out of three IP addresses in the country.

Following the analysis of cyber security alerts collected by CERT-RO in 2017, the following were found:

  • 33.71 percent (2.89 million) of the total IP allocated to RO were affected;
  • 83.63 percent (115.60 million) of alerts collected and processed concern vulnerable computer systems;
  • 10.32 percent (14.33 million) of alerts processed refer to compromised computer systems, meaning that they either have been infected with various forms of malware or have been exploited and used by attackers in various types of attacks;
  • 1,709 “.ro” web domains were reported to CERT-RO as being compromised, down by about 84 percent compared to 2016 (10,639). The number represents approximately 0.18 percent of the total .ro domains registered in Romania in December 2017 (944,145) and approximately 0.38 percent of the total .ro active domains (438,366).

”Cyber ​​security is essential, given that the number of Internet users is steadily increasing and electronic commerce is growing considerably in our country. That is why we pay special attention to creating and maintaining a secure framework of activity for both the citizen and the suppliers of goods and services using the new technologies”, says Petru Bogdan Cojocaru, Minister of Communications and Information Society.

The report briefly outlines the most publicized attacks at European level in 2017, WannaCry and NotPetya, which also affected users in Romania.

Source: Romania’s cyber security alerts up 25 pct in 2017 to 138 mln