Today, the White House released its 2018 National Cyber Strategy, outlining the steps the federal government is taking to advance an open, secure, interoperable, and reliable cyberspace. Given the interconnected and global nature of cyberspace, the State Department engages in key diplomatic and programmatic initiatives to support many key objectives reflected in the Strategy.

To preserve cyberspace as an engine of a vibrant digital economy, the United States works with foreign partners and other stakeholder groups, including civil society and the private sector, to promote best practices and policies that enhance innovation, openness, and efficiency. Through cooperation and engagements with foreign partners, allies and other stakeholders, including civil society and the private sector, the Department supports the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance against attempts to develop state-centric governance models and rejects the use of spurious cybersecurity concerns as a pretext for digital protectionism.

Source: Release of the 2018 National Cyber Strategy