New Zealand is not exempt to major security risks which could impinge on the economy and livelihood as a nation, NZ Tech chief executive Graeme Muller says.

He will be chairing a major New Zealand Security Summit in Wellington on October 17 which will look at bringing cyber security to the forefront of national leaders at senior executive levels.

“We need to understand the multi-dimensional nature of cyber threats and key issues that government and private sector face. Cyber risks are a borderless challenge. This crucial NZTech summit will bring together leaders from industry, government, academics and experts in the cyber security space.

“The think-tank will look at national preparedness on cyber security issues at the forefront of leadership strategy across the country. The summit is a multi-stakeholder event to encourage active engagement against cyber attacks through education and collaboration.

“Cybercrime is rising and is increasingly being identified as a top threat to New Zealand, as criminals, rogue nations and others in the dark net seek to strike and disrupt at any moment.

Major Cyber Security Summit to Prepare Against Attacks