The City of London Police recently launched a new initiative to offer threat briefings, incident response training, and other guidance to businesses located in London’s Square Mile to help them secure themselves better from cyber-threats.
The launch of the initiative, dubbed Cyber Griffin, takes place at a time when the force is routinely inducting Special Constables to assist with policing in the Square Mile. These officials are being trained as per a new ‘gold standard’ scheme of recruitment, training, and development and many of them are specialised in cyber and economic crime. The force hopes to increase the number of Special Constables in its ranks from 53 to over 100 in the coming days.
As part of the Cyber Griffin initiative, specially-trained officers from the City of London Police are taking a community-based approach to help businesses located in the Square Mile secure themselves from cyber-attacks. This approach includes offering free-of-charge threat briefings to arm individuals from all levels of business with basic skills to fight cyber-crime, and helping members of the business community to network with each other and share best practices.
“Although cyber-criminality challenges traditional policing as we know it, we are now more capable than ever to tackle the problem. However, it’s imperative we work with our local community to do this, especially in such a unique area as the City of London which is full of businesses who have the potential to be the target for a cyber attack,” said Sergeant Charlie Morrison who is leading the Cyber Griffin delivery team.