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Current Issue JLCW Volume 8, Spring 2020, Issue 1

  • JLCW Volume 8, Spring 2020, Issue 1
      • A Too Convenient Transaction: Bitcoin and Its Further Regulation
        By Jonathan M. Warren
      • Regulation, Innovation, and Technology for 21st Century Goals
        By Rafael Leal-Arcas, Gemma Fearnley, and Chana Gluck
      • A Case Study on Improving ICS Cyber Security Legislation
        By Ryan Gallagher, Melanie, Gersten, Khalil Jackson, Deborah Liu, James Massot, Edward Amoroso, Kevin Senator, and Toby Weir-Jones
      • Don’t Kill the Messenger: How the New Technologies Used by Internet-Based Communications Providers are Gutting Compelled Disclosure Laws
        By Veronika Balbuzanovago
      • Medical Big Data in Japan
        Yuichiro Tsuji


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