JLCW Volume 7, Fall 2019, Issue 2


  • Democrats and Republicans Seek Federal Jurisdiction Over Cybercrimes by Foreign Actors in DNC v. Russian Federation and Broidy Capital Mgmt. v. State of Qatar
    By Shelly A. Sanford & Meredith Drukker Stratigopoulos
  • From Munitions to Malware: A Comparative Analysis of Civilian Targetability in Cyber Conflict
    By Colton Matheson
  • Cybernetic Enhancement of Soldiers: Conserving hors de combat Protections for Combatants Under the Third Geneva Convention
    By Amanda McAllister
  • New Payment Methods and Insufficiencies in their Regulatory Scheme
    By Angel L. Rodriguez Santiago
  • Cyber Insurance: An Incentive Alignment Solution to Corporate Cyber-Insecurity
    By Lauren Miller

JLCW Volume 7, Fall 2018, Issue 1


  • Cyber-World War III: Origins
    Jon M. Garon
  • The Standard for Biometric Data Protection
    Fiona Q. Nguyen
  • Legal Ethics and Cybersecurity: Managing Client Confidentiality in the Digital Age
    Natasha Babazadeh


  • A Call to Congress: The Urgent Need for Cyberattack Amendments to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
    Matthew A. Powell
  • An International Cyber Warfare Treaty: Historical Analogies and Future Prospects
    Alexi Franklin

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JLCW Volume 6, Winter 2018, Issue 2

Special Comment

  • Resilience, Perseverance and Fortitude:  Lessons from My Parents
    Rhea Siers


  • Responding to the Call for a Digital Geneva Convention: An Open Letter to Brad Smith and the Technology Community
    David Wallace & Mark Visger
  • Does the Cryptographic Hashing of Passwords Qualify for Statutory Breach Notification Safe Harbor?
    Jason R. Wool
  • “Playing With Fire” An Inter-Agency Working Group Proposal for Connected Vehicle Technology and the DSRC Mandate
    Christopher Kolezynski


  • The Ransomware Assault on the Healthcare Sector
    Malcolm Harkins & Anthony M. Freed
  • German IT Security Law
    John A. Foulks

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The Navy and its contractors are “under cyber siege” by Chinese hackers who have stolen national security secrets in recent years, an internal review concluded.

Source: Navy, Industry Partners Are ‘Under Cyber Siege’ by Chinese Hackers, Review Asserts