LegalTech Group is an enterprise boutique vendor that provides Enterprise Compliance Information Systems. LegalTech Group examines the realities of today. What are those realties? Today, most companies carry a wide range of legal liabilities that are growing exponentially to their use of technological innovation. The workplace spans beyond the confines of Sarbanes Oxley and e-harassment to encompass concerns and issues relating to consumer privacy rights and corporate use of consumer data for marketing. The underlying technology is as vast in scope as is the law and given the complex nature of this system one must be able to not only see from a microscopic perspective, of each legal area, but also a macroscopic view of how all the systems interact and expose an entity to potential liability. The recent news of a billion dollar settlement at Morgan Stanley for failure to comply with the necessary digital document retention components for financial transaction demonstrates, although in an extreme context, the possibility of pain that can be extolled upon a company.

In summary, LegalTech Group software and consultants empower such multi-national conglomerates to lower their liability. In addition, LegalTech Group helps these corporate entities increase their effectiveness in assessing and controlling their legal risk exposure leves.