TeradataVoice: Big Data: Your Ally In Cybersecurity

Not long ago, protecting a business against cybercrime meant just locking down employee identifications along with corporate banking and financial data. Now it’s not so simple.

For today’s cybercriminals, nearly all forms of digital data are valuable—and vulnerable. Thieves steal everything from intellectual property and customers’ personal information to data about purchasing and payment behaviors, then package and resell it to profiteers. Or they hold confidential or embarrassing business information for ransom. They have also disabled corporate networks, bringing sales to a halt while customers flee to the competition.

Although these criminals are stealthy and often operate anonymously, data and analytics can help expose them and make their incursions unproductive.

Most companies already have the essential digital assets needed to improve their security. By knowing more about their data and networks, enterprises can better protect their information as well as their own operations. For this reason, big data and analytics are often combined with security solutions to enable high-speed, automated analysis that brings network activity into clear focus.

Source: TeradataVoice: Big Data: Your Ally In Cybersecurity – Forbes