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Cyber Warfare Episode Plays Out in Court Case

Two-Year Legal Saga Of Chinese Cyber Hack Of U.S. Military Aircraft May Be Ending. On 28 June 2014, a Chinese businessman based in Canada was arrested on the charge of stealing information about a raft of U.S. military aircraft and weapon systems. This particular case of industrial espionage was described

Review: ‘Zero Days’ Examines Cyberwarfare’s Potential Online Apocalypse

This Alex Gibney documentary describes the origin of Stuxnet, malware devised by Israel and the United States with grave implications for the future. With every seemingly miraculous advance comes the potential for its catastrophic misuse. If you’re inclined toward paranoia, Alex Gibney’s sobering documentary “Zero Days,” about the spread of

Taiwan to set up cyberwarfare force | Politics | FOCUS TAIWAN – CNA ENGLISH NEWS

Taipei, May 26 (CNA) Defense Minister Feng Shih-kuan (馮世寬 ) said Thursday that his ministry will establish a cyberwarfare force to complement the country’s navy, army and air force. Speaking at a legislative hearing, Feng said the “fourth force” will be set up under a new policy, in light of