North Korea And Iran: Partners In Cyber Warfare?

North Korea And Iran: Partners In Cyber Warfare?

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North Korea has denied any involvement in the massive hacking attack last month on Sony Pictures Entertainment, and absent evidence clearly pinning the deed on Pyongyang, it may be fair to keep an open mind. With investigators still digging into the case, it’s too soon to rule out a role in the attack by some of North Korea’s closest friends — for instance, Iran.

When Sony’s computers were breached on Nov. 24, North Korea became an immediate suspect due to its bellicose protests and threats issued earlier this year over a Sony film, “The Interview,” scheduled for release this Christmas. The movie is a burlesque, mocking North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un with a plot in which two buffoonish TV journalists land an exclusive interview with Kim, and are asked by the CIA to assassinate him (“Take him out,” says the CIA agent; “For coffee?” they ask).

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