The Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare is honored by the world class caliber editorial board that is involved with the Journal. Thought leaders from forensics, law, warfare, and cyber security are on the Board. The Journal is always looking for interested thought leaders who believe they can contribute in a meaningful fashion to the development of cyber warfare scholarship.

Please email with a cover letter and your CV if you are interested in being considered for this prestigious position.

Prof. Daniel B. Garrie
Partner, Law & Forensics LLC
Neutral, JAMS

Managing Editor
Brandon Pugh

Executive Editor
Michael Mann

Business Editor
Jennifer Deutsch

Digital Content Editor
Dhiraj Duraiswami

Technology Editor
Peter Kazazes

Staff Editors
Irene Byhovsky
Richard Diorio
John Foulks
Brian Gilligan
Jonathan Grekstas
Bryan Horen
Geoff Kalendar
John Kilgore
Alexander Medoway
Patrick Severe
Cody Valdez
Julia Yang

Editorial Board
Prof. Richard Andres
National War College

Robert Bair
Lieutenant Commander, Navy

Richard Borden
Partner, Chief Privacy Officer, White & Williams

Prof. Diana Burley
George Washington University

Christopher Burgess
CEO, Prevendra

Uma Chandrashekar
Head, Global Info. Security Office, Edwards Lifesciences

Roland Cloutier
Chief Security Officer, ADP

John Dever
Head of AML/Sanctions, Wells Fargo

James Dever
Chief of Intelligence Law, Army Intelligence

Parham Eftekhari
Co-Founder, ICIT

Kevin Fumai
Managing Counsel, Oracle

Deborah Housen-Couriel
Special Counsel, ZEK

Jane Horvath
Senior Director of Global Privacy, Apple

Will Hudson
Senior Advisor for International Policy, Google

Prof. Eric Jensen
Brigham Young University

Joseph Johnson
Chief Information Security Officer, Premise Health

Jean-Claude Knebeler
Ambassador of Luxembourg to Russia

Jeremy Kroll
CEO, K2 Intelligence

David Lawrence
Co-Founder, RANE Network

Dr. Larry Ponemon
Chairman, Ponemon Institute

Dr. James Ransome
Senior Director of Product Security, McAfee

Dr. J.R. Reagan
Vice Dean, Woosong University

Lt. Col. Shane Reeves
West Point

Prof. Michael Schmitt
US Naval War College

Maj. General Ami Shafran
Director, Evigilo

David Shonka
Principal Deputy General Counsel, FTC

Prof. Rhea Siers
John Hopkins University

Mitchell Silber
Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting

William Spernow
CISO, Forensic Scan

Dr. Joseph Weiss
Managing Partner, ACS

Jody Westby
CEO, Global Cyber Risk, LLC

Sheryl Ann Yamuder
VP of Business & Legal Affairs, Roku, Inc.

Amit Yoran
Chairman & CEO, Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Elad Yoran
CEO, Security Growth Partners