Is DIY Cyber Security Best For Your Business?

Cyber security – or the lack of it – makes the headlines every day. You need to have your full defenses lined up if you are to beat the hackers at their own game. With that in mind, what is the best approach for your business? Do you want to go the DIY route and leverage your internal talent? Or do you want to select a third-party provider to address your cyber security needs? This quick checklist can help you make that critical determination.

Hackers employ multiple techniques to get inside a company. A solid cyber security program must protect the business against countless forms of attack.

DIY Considerations: Unless you have a security expert on your IT staff, chances are that your employees’ knowledge of infrastructure vulnerabilities and corresponding security measures is limited. They may read about security best practices, but may not have had direct experience with them.

Source: SungardASVoice: Is DIY Cyber Security Best For Your Business? – Forbes