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Hillary Clinton: US Should Use ‘Military Response’ to Combat Russia and China Cyberattacks

Clinton said the US should ‘lead the world in setting the rules in cyberspace’. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party presidential nominee and former US secretary of state, has said that if she becomes president cyberattacks against US interests will be treated “like any other attack” – and that includes military

Chinese Government Suspected of Hacking into FDIC Computers

WASHINGTON — The Chinese government is believed to have hacked into computers at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in 2010, 2011 and 2013, including the workstation of then-FDIC Chair Sheila Bair, a congressional report says. The report issued Wednesday by the Republican majority staff of the House Science, Space and

Cyber Warfare Episode Plays Out in Court Case

Two-Year Legal Saga Of Chinese Cyber Hack Of U.S. Military Aircraft May Be Ending. On 28 June 2014, a Chinese businessman based in Canada was arrested on the charge of stealing information about a raft of U.S. military aircraft and weapon systems. This particular case of industrial espionage was described

3 Cyberwarfare Issues NATO Should Address at the Warsaw Summit

This week, the 28 member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Oganization will meet in Warsaw, Poland, to discuss the future of the world’s largest military alliance. At the Warsaw Summit, NATO is expected to classify cyperspace as “Operational Territory,” making the online and digital property of member states equivalent

Latest Developments on China’s Cybersecurity Regulation

Regional regulations are affecting cross-border data flows, whether motivated by protection of user privacy, control over the Internet, or otherwise. Europe and the U.S. have sought to protect cross-border data flows between the two regions through the U.S.-E.U. Privacy Shield. .  At the same time, there is a growing sense