Day: July 1, 2016

Brexit Will Make The UK More Vulnerable To Cybercrime

The likelihood of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union will put a huge strain on agencies tasked with protecting citizens, businesses and government entities from cyberattacks, said security experts.  Assuming a Brexit does take place — and many are still hoping it will not — expect a rise in

What Mark Zuckerberg’s Password Hack Says About Cybersecurity

It’s about more than just improving it. Did you just get a notification from another Fortune 500 company asking you to change of all your passwords? If not, you will soon enough. It’s almost fashionable to become the victim of a data breach these days, or at least you’d think

Latest Developments on China’s Cybersecurity Regulation

Regional regulations are affecting cross-border data flows, whether motivated by protection of user privacy, control over the Internet, or otherwise. Europe and the U.S. have sought to protect cross-border data flows between the two regions through the U.S.-E.U. Privacy Shield. .  At the same time, there is a growing sense