U.S. banking regulators said on Wednesday they are focused on cyber security risks and controls for U.S. financial institutions after attacks earlier this year involving the global financial network known as SWIFT. In a letter responding to questions from Representative Carolyn Maloney, a Democrat from New York, the regulators also said the U.S. Treasury Department’s […]

Aug. 24 — The son of a Russian lawmaker became one of the most successful traffickers of stolen credit cards by hacking into Seattle pizza shops and retailers around the globe, a U.S. prosecutor told a jury. Roman Seleznev amassed 1.7 million credit card numbers by installing malware on the transaction processing systems used by businesses […]

We live in an interconnected age where wirelessly controlled computing devices make almost every aspect of our lives easier, but they also make us vulnerable to cyber-security attacks. Today, nearly everything can be hacked, from cars to lightbulbs. But perhaps the most concerning threat is the one posed by implanted medical devices. Experts have demonstrated the ease with which security […]

About a year ago, China and the United States formally agreed not to conduct or knowingly support the cyber theft of each other’s intellectual property. So, how is that agreement working out? Not great, said Adm. Mike Rogers, head of US Cyber Command. “Cyber operations from China are still targeting and exploiting US government, defense […]

A California lawmaker has revived a bill to set a “reasonably prudent” standard for businesses to protect personal consumer data, including geolocation and biometric information, in the final two weeks of the legislative session. Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D) amended A.B. 83, a bill that has been dormant for a year, setting new standards for businesses […]