With relentless operators like Russian President Vladimir Putin, if you don’t stop them elsewhere you’ll soon find them inside your own walls. His unpunished 2008 invasion of Georgia launched a multi-year momentum that culminated in a leak-attack on the levers of American democracy yesterday. You know about the open warfare stepping stones in Crimea, Donbass […]

Players of Pokémon GO, a wildly popular location-based augmented reality game, may be missing real life threats to their private information. Pokémon GO creates several privacy and security concerns, particularly for children playing the game, including geolocation tracking, excessive collection of personal data and possible sale of such information to third parties, privacy and security professionals […]

On Monday, the FBI announced that it was investigating the hack into the Democratic National Committee. At about the same time, it was also reported that FBI officials believe that the hack was committed by the Russian government, and was undertaken with the intent of aiding Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. (The release of the stolen data by […]

Specialists who have studied Russia’s cyber warfare capabilities said the Kremlin is responsible for the hacking and eventual release of 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee, adding that there is no sure way to stop these kinds of attacks from recurring. Experts who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon cautioned that it is difficult to prove […]