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The Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare provides a public peer-reviewed professional forum for the open discussion and education of technology, business, legal, and military professionals concerning the legal issues businesses and governments arising out of cyber attacks or acts of cyber war. The Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare is published twice per year by top legal professionals and scholars from the law, technology, security, and business industries. The views expressed in the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare are those of the authors and not necessarily of the Journal of Law and Cyber Warfare..

MtGox Lost ‘Barely 386 Bitcoins’ Due to Cyber Attacks – Not 850,000

A study carried out by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich has concluded that, at most, MtGox lost 386 bitcoins in cyber attacks trying to take advantage of the transaction malleability flaw inherent in the bitcoin source code – not the 850,000 bitcoins its CEO Mark Karpeles claims. When MtGox, once the world’sContinue Reading

WordPress sites hijacked via “free” premium plugins

If you run a WordPress site, and are trying to make some money through it, think twice before installing “free” versions of premium plugins. Researchers from Sucuri have recently analyzed a couple of third-party websites offering such versions for download, and have discovered more than one plugin equipped with malicious code aimed at hijacking anyContinue Reading