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The Risky Business of Cybersecurity

“The national and economic security of the United States depends on the reliable functioning of critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity threats exploit the increased complexity and connectivity of critical infrastructure systems, placing the Nation’s security, economy, and public safety and health at risk. Similar to financial and reputational risk, cybersecurity risk affects a company’s bottom line. It can drive up costs and impact revenue. It can harm an organization’s ability to innovate and to gain and maintain customers.”

via The Risky Business of Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity: Why It’s Not Just About Technology

With cybersecurity breaches on the rise, one thing is clear: The current defenses of U.S. organizations — both public and private — do not rival the skill, persistence and prowess of those who seek to wreak havoc on our information-technology infrastructure and operations. What many organizations are doing in response to this growing and pervasive…

2014 Cybersecurity Awards: Winners Succeed in a Growing Threat Landscape

The best in all fields lead by example. And winners of the 2014 Cybersecurity Leadership and Innovation Awards marked those in state and local government and education who have, in recent years, driven forward cybersecurity efforts in their own communities, and also led American government at large. The Center for Digital Government, the research arm…